Adriana Piltz, Founder, & CEO on BoldTV with Mike Paul

 Mike Paul speaks with Adriana Piltz, founder of Nicky's Gardens of Hope, which offers the first sustainable solution for the lifetime care of children with autism. 

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TSC Talks! "There is No Other Choice" Nicky's Gardens of Hope or Bust, with TSC Mom, Founder & CEO Adriana Piltz

IDD & Me, With Siblings Alex, Max & Nicky

Got 8 Minutes? Here's a video of Nicky, 20 with IDD & TSC and his twin brothers Alex & Max discussing what it's like living with a brother who has an intellectual disability, tuberous sclerosis complex & is nonverbal. An honest glimpse of the day to day reality. Not just the challenging aspects of living with Nicky are shared but also the positive lessons learned about life. Sons of Adriana Piltz, Founder & CEO of Nicky's Gardens of Hope.  

Our Mission


Our Mission Statement

Mission of Nicky's Gardens of Hope

A place where the growing Intellectually Developmentally Disabled (IDD) and Autistic Adult population live with dignity in a warm and safe home environment attuned to their needs. A non profit dedicated to making a difference for those living with disabilities such as IDD & autism.

It will provide transparency of mission and operations to our residents and their families to alleviate common fears and misunderstandings. 

It will serve their needs with compassion, help in achieving everyday goals, and nurture aspirations in an empathetic, non-judgemental and caring environment.


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Why We Need Nicky's Gardens of Hope

"The Cliff"

How Many People are Affected?

How Many People are Affected?


At or around 21, Adults with Autism and intellectual Developmental Disabilities (AA&IDD) will lose most of the services provided to them. Drexel University’s Autism Institute estimates that more than 600,000 persons with autism will enter adulthood

in the next decade in the US.

Falling Off The Services Cliff

Is NJ prepared formore IDD Adults?

How Many People are Affected?

How Many People are Affected?

How Many People are Affected?


The numbers are high enough, about 1 in 10, that you have a family member, or friend with a family member, who is affected. The 2012 Census shows 20% of US population has some form of disability and numbers are increasing. There needs to be changes to how they are cared for as their parents age.  


Therapy & Medicine

Therapy & Medicine


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